About Us

Our Story

Time is precious and our babies are growing, learning, and experiencing all there is to the world right in front of us. At Thea Thea, we want you to enjoy every moment of life with them, which is why we design intentional, practical, and contemporarily stylish bags to keep you on the go, without missing a beat. Founded by a Mother in constant pursuit of remaining present and mindful with her children, Thea Thea has been built on the philosophy that every Mother or Mother figure deserves a helping hand (and should look good in her divine feminine whilst doing it!). Designed with love and intention in California, Thea Thea bags are a modern Mumma’s best friend.

Our Mantra


Californian Designed and based
inspired by laid back modern hip chic.


Get organised to be top of things, so that she can be present with her kids and create precious memories.


Modern parents mommas and papas who want to live life to the fullest be present with gratitude.


Thea Thea is female founded and female run designed by mom for mothers.