Things to Consider when buying a Maternity Bag/Backpack

Some things to consider when picking a backpack diaper bag

A lot of thought goes into what kind of diaper bag you need when you become a parent. Your days are filled with new challenges and adventure, so you need a backpack that can keep up. Here are some things to consider when picking the perfect backpack diaper bag for your family. ( Selena Gomez)

How much stuff do you need to carry around with you on a daily basis?

When it comes to how much stuff I need to carry around with me on a daily basis, it can get pretty overwhelming. Between my laptop for work, diapers and wipes for my little one, and the million other things that I find myself needing throughout the day, it feels like I'm constantly loaded down. It's definitely a struggle to stay organized and lighten my load but I just think of it as part of being prepared for whatever life throws at me.

Do you want a bag that can also be used as a regular backpack or purse when your baby is older?

I'm always looking for ways to simplify my life and a bag that can handle it all is exactly what I need! That's why I love having a convertible shoulder bag - one that transitions easily into a regular backpack or purse when your little one gets older. Not only does this reduce clutter and hassle, but with features such as a shoulder strap, shoulder hook, trolley strap and luggage strap, it's super versatile and just plain cool. Whether you're at home running errands or on an adventure with your family, this convertible bag ensures you won't be weighed down by lots of stuff. Looove it!

How important is it to you that the bag looks good and is stylish?

When it comes to fashion, looking good is really important to me. It's nice to be able to have a bag that can not just do the job, but also look great at the same time. I'm all about high style and fashion-forward looks, so when I go shopping for bags, I'm always looking for something with a bit of flair. Rich textures, vegan leather, and details that make a statement are all fair game when it comes to my fashion choices. No matter if I'm heading out for work or play, having something fashionable on my arm can make all the difference!

Would you prefer a backpack diaper bag with multiple compartments, or one large compartment for everything to fit into?

If I had to choose between a backpack diaper bag with multiple compartments or one large compartment for everything to fit into, I'd definitely pick the one with multiple compartments. It would help me keep everything super organized & make it easier for me to find things within the bag quickly. Plus, having laptop pockets can be really convenient which some backpacks offer making it perfect for mothers on the go like myself! It also has a wide opening so I can easily reach in and out of it without any hassle and see what’s inside due to the visual transparency of its mesh pockets. Not just that, but I prefer a bag with magnetic closures that allow me to access frequently used items in a jiffy. So when it comes to backpacks, I'm all about compartments!

How much are you willing to spend on a backpack diaper bag that meets all your needs and wants?

Choosing a backpack diaper bag to meet all my needs and wants doesn’t have to break the bank. After looking around and doing some research, I found that there are plenty of durability-conscious, eco-friendly, fashionable, functional, and stylish options out there that get the job done. It’s hard to find all these qualities in one product but with careful navigation, mindful selection, and measurement of cost vs value, it can be done. Some bags may be more expensive than others but if durability and style are on the top of your list then spending a bit more on a quality bag might be worth it in the long run!


To wrap it up, when looking for the perfect backpack diaper bag, take into account how much stuff you’ll need to carry around, if you want the bag to also be used as a regular backpack or purse when your baby is older, if it looks good and is stylish, if you prefer one with multiple compartments or one large compartment for all of your items, and how much you are willing to spend on one that meets your needs. All these factors will help guide you in selecting the best option for your family. But no matter what type of bag you decide on, don’t forget that happiness comes from finding something both functional and fashionable. Thankfully, Thea Thea understands this concept perfectly and offers an incredibly diverse range of bags that won’t break the bank. So mamas-to-be, the moral of my blog post is: throw away the idea of frumpy maternity bags and take a look at Thea Thea's sleek designs - there's no better time than now to make sure you have a stylish companion as you begin this incredible journey into motherhood!

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